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History Of The Meades Branch Freewill Baptist church

In the summer of 1948, the war had been over for nearly three years, and families and  soldiers were piecing their lives back together and trying to get on with life in general. Early that same summer a revival was held at the Meades Branch Consolidated School, nine miles south of Louisa. It was common in those days for community school houses to be used for religious services as well as the education of children- Many people considered it needful for the two to go hand in hand.

During the revival a number of people were converted to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. There developed a desire among those new converts and other believers in the community to establish a local church where they could labor together for the glory of God, and have a permanent house of worship within easy travel distance of their homes. From this determination was born the Meades Branch Free will Baptist Church, organized July 11, 1948.

Land for the church to be built on was donated August 7, 1948 and construction was started immediately. A hand-dug footer was formed, mixed, and poured by hand. Concrete blocks were made on-site. Volunteers did the labor. There was now a church in the community where other souls could be saved.

The above was written by Pam Bevins.


July 11, 1948

Ministers Organizing Council 

Rev. Gallie Issac
Rev. Arlie Blackburn
Rev. Hansford Dooley

Trustees of church
(Appointed Aug, 6, 1948)

Ray Miller
Gilbert Miller
Earnest Bryant

Building Committee

Robert Adkins
Graydon Miller
Frank Peck

Land donated to church by Roy & Elizabeth Vanhoose
on Aug. 7, 1948

Size of building 30 x 50 + 10 ft. high

Size of church Lot 60 ft. square

First recorded business meeting Oct. 22, 1949
Hansford Dooley re-elected pastor
Arlie Blackburn assistant pastor