Going into All the World

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Do I listen to Services Live Online?
Click the Listen Live button at the top of the page. You will then be taken to a page containing our player. Simply click the play button to begin listening. We are also available on your mobile device directly through our website or The Tune-In Radio App.

When are broadcast live?

We try to stream all of our Sunday Morning services live over the internet as they happen. However, sometimes there can be unforeseen issues. At the top of our homepage you’ll see a red information box. If there are problems we know ahead of time, we will post the issue there.

Audio on Broadcast is low or sounds muffled or distorted?

Due to the fact that some of our listeners have low internet speeds we try to keep our broadcast stream at the smallest files size possible. This may produce some differences in quality based on your connection speed. We now broadcast in HD audio format. A Fiber Optic or DSL connection is recommend for best quality. As the Lord will allow us, we will continue to better our streaming service. In the meantime you can also join us at the church. This is still the best way the service can be heard!

Is the Broadcast Recorded so I can listen later?

A. Yes, we have a Broadcast Archive where we post all recorded services so you can listen to them at any time.

How do I access the Service Archive?
The best way, is by clicking the Go to Service Archive button on our homepage. The Most recent recordings can be found at the top of the page. Use the numbering system at the bottom of the archive page to move back in time for older services. Note: Many of the older services were nor recorded in HD.

How do I listen to a service in the Archive?

We enter each recording by date of broadcast. Find the entry that corresponds with the date of the service you want to hear. Then click the play button found under the date heading.

The Service I am looking for is not listed?

We try to be very timely with listing our recordings. If it is a recent service please be patient. The files are large and do take time to upload. If we have a recording made we will post ASAP. We try and post services weekly. Files for the week are usually added within the first few days of the following week. If there is a service you would like to ask about please feel free to email us from the contact page. Someone will try and answer your email as soon as possible.

Services in the archive will not play?

A. If you are having issues please contact us.

I saw something posted on your site and I can’t find it now?

The site is updated regularly. So articles may get pushed out of view by new content.

What are Your Beliefs?

We Are Freewill Baptist. To find out more go to our “Who are the Freewill Baptist Page“.

How do I contact you?

A. You can contact us through the contact linkin the top menu bar.

How do I get to your church?

you can get directions from our contact page.

My question was still not answered. What do I do now?

We appreciate that you view & use our website. We hope the things you find here will bring you closer in your walk with our Lord and better keep our church family & community informed. If after reading our FAQ your question has still not been answered email us from our contact page. We will do our best to answer all questions.